1. Google for Education I [GFE1011]
Google for Education I provides educators with a complete overview of all the relevant applications and tools provided by Google for Education through its G Suite for Education. This course delivers insights as to how the different apps and tools provided will enable them to sharpen their pedagogy, teaching skills and overall productivity.
Course dates: February - November 2018
Status: Open for registration
2. Google for Education II [GFE1021]
Google for Education II provides educators with supplemental and advanced application of all the relevant apps and tools provided by Google for Education through its G Suite for Education in addition to other peripheral apps, tools and resources made available through its products and services. This course provides educators with advanced knowledge of how different apps, tools and resources provided will allow them to sharpen their pedagogy, teaching skills, overall productivity and resourcefulness.
Course dates: April - November 2018
Status: Open for registration
3. Digital Tools for 21st Century English Language Teaching [DTC1011]

This course is designed for ELT practitioners and focuses on the integration of digital technologies as well as 21st century pedagogy into the ELT classroom. Course participants will discover how various digital  tools can be effectively assimilated into their pedagogical practices while incorporating aspects of 21st century learning including planning, implementation and assessment.

Course dates: March - November 2018

Status: Open for registration

4. Teaching of Grammar for Primary School Teachers [TGP1012]

This course explores teachers' beliefs and their personal practices in the teaching of grammar. It provides an avenue for teachers to link the underlying theories and principles to classroom teaching as well as discussions into the pedagogical approaches relevant in this area. Teachers are required to plan lessons to teach grammar based on the KSSR curriculum focusing on 21st century learning methodologies and determine the various instruments to assess and evaluate the use of grammar.

Course dates: March - October 2018 

Status: Open for registration 

5. School-based Assessment for Primary Schools [SBA1022]

This course provides teachers with complete overview of what School-based Assessment really is. It also helps teachers to understand how to carry out School-based Assessment more effectively.

Course dates : February - July 2018

Status: Open for registration

6. Reading Fluency [RFD1012]


This course is designed for primary school teachers of ESL. Participants will discover how to assess and build reading fluency of their primary students. This course will focus on building fluency skills of their primary students. By using the assessment teachers can select and implement appropriate instructional strategies and activities to build their students’ reading fluency. Participants in this course will learn about these instructional strategies and activities, and how to apply these strategies at school to help develop fluent readers. 

Course dates: April - September 2018

Status: Open for Registration

7. Developing Literacy Skills: Strategies for struggling readers [DLS1022]

This course consists of three modules. Teachers are also given input on word identification strategies, vocabulary building strategies and exposure to online platforms related to reading fluency. Participants of the course are required to complete the portfolio tasks in the module. 

Course dates : May - June 2018

Status : Open for registration 

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