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  • English Language Teaching Centre, Ministry of Education Malaysia

Client charter

Our primary role is to enhance the quality of English language teaching in the country, as indicated in our main functions. To play this role effectively, we will:
  • work collaboratively with the Teacher Education Division and other divisions in the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, to ensure that our functions, practices and goals are in line with the aims and aspirations of the government in the field of education
  • co-operate with other government and non-government agencies to improve key processes, practices and achievements in our key activity areas
  • contribute to leadership in achieving internationally-recognized best practices in English language teaching

We will work continually to improve:
  • policies, processes, practices and conditions that will enhance the quality of our clients' experiences and outcomes
  • the quality of our teacher education programmes; including our quality assurance procedures and systematic and systemic evaluation and development processes
  • processes and conditions for strategic staff development
  • conditions that encourage effective, innovative and creative practices
Disposition and Values
We will always strive to achieve the highest quality and effectiveness and dignity in all aspects of our professional work. We will continue to acquire relevant knowledge and expertise in all TESL-related fields and maintain a high-level of professional competence. We will seek and accept professional reviews and critiques from our clients and colleagues with an open mind.

We will always work in a manner that is:
  • professional
  • ethical
  • consultative and collaborative
  • accountable
  • proactive
  • honest and trustworthy
  • prompt
  • helpful
  • loyal
  • courteous
  • fair
  • flexible

In all our endeavours, we will be guided by the Five Principles of Nationhood or Rukunegara:
  • Belief in God
  • Loyalty to King and Country
  • Supremacy of the Constitution
  • Rule of Law
  • Mutual Respect and Morality
Our principal clients are in-service TESL practitioners. We will incessantly support their work in the language classroom to ensure high quality experiences and outcomes of their students and other important stakeholders.

We will also provide client-focused advice to individuals or organizations involved in the planning, development and management of English language programmes.
Work and Services
Our key activity areas include:
  • Learning and teaching English as a second language
  • Research on the learning and teaching of English
  • ICT application in language teaching and learning
  • English language programme design, development and management
  • ELT-related consultancy services
We are committed to providing excellent services, benchmarked against internationally recognized standards. We will continually improve our work by actively seeking feedback from all our clients. We will be appropriately responsive, proactive and goal-oriented in our operations. We will communicate openly what we are doing, our activities and our achievements to maintain the quality of our services.