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Main campus

ELTC has moved to its permanent campus at Bandar Enstek, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan on 4th March 2013. With the new campus and facilities, ELTC is able to operate fully as a training and referral institution for English language education for the country and beyond.

Administrative Block houses all administrative personnel ranging from top management and officers to support staff. This 3 storey building provides the facilities as indicated below :

  • Officer's room
  • Meeting room
  • Discussion room
  • Video conferencing room
  • Clerk's work area (cubicle)
  • Prayer room
  • Visitor's room
  • English Language Teaching (ELT) Gallery

Academic Block houses all academic personnel such as Head of Departments, Head of Units and lecturers. This double storey building provides the facilities as indicated below :

  • HOD's room
  • Meeting room
  • Discussion room
  • Video conferencing room
  • Lecturer's work area (cubicle)
  • Prayer room

Training Block is the centre for all courses carried out by ELTC. This 4 storey building are designed to accommodate approximately 600 participants at once and provides various training facilities as below:

  • 12 lecture rooms (equipped with multimedia system)
  • Lecture Theatre (equipped with multimedia system)
  • 10 tutorial rooms
  • 10 seminar rooms
  • Drama room
  • Prayer room
  • Sick bay

ICT Block houses ICT and English Language Standards & Quality Council personnel. The main function of this building is to provide the best ICT based facilities  to the ELTC staff as well as course participants. Below are the facilities that are available:

  • Multimedia Suite 1 & 2 (25 person capacity each)
  • Language Lab 1 & 2 (25 person capacity each)
  • Micro Teaching Room (25 person capacity)
  • Meeting room
  • Video conferencing room
  • Theatrette
  • ICT Factory
  • Technician's room

Resource Centre houses all Resource Centre’s personnel and ELT Library. Facilities provided are as below:

  • ELT Library
  • Mini Theatre
  • Discussion room
  • Reading area
  • OPAC terminals